Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison has moved to Lanai, the Hawaiian island he’s spent half a billion dollars developing. Here’s how Ellison bought 98% of the island and turned it into a sustainability experiment.

Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison bought 98% of the island of Lanai in 2012 for an estimated $300 million.
Since then, he’s worked to make it a tourist destination, including purchasing budget airline Island Air to ferry passengers from Oahu to Lanai. (He has since sold a controlling interest in the airline).
Ellison is also hoping to turn Lanai into a wellness utopia. He launched a new company called Sensei, which has two main projects: a hydroponic farm powered by Tesla solar panels, and a luxury spa called Sensei Retreat. Sensei’s goal is to use data to help people lead healthier and longer lives.
In the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, Ellison — who’s worth an estimated $75 billion — paid wages and benefits for his Lanai employees.
Now, Ellison has moved to Lanai full time and plans to use “the power of Zoom to work” from the island, he told Oracle employees this week.


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