Bret Michaels Ready to Rock Out of Scottsdale Home

For a notoriously hard rocker with a penchant for partying, Bret Michaels’ Scottsdale, Ariz., estate is surprisingly subdued. No leopard print furnishings, no under-lit onyx wet bar and not a stripper pole in sight. Indeed, the single-story adobe-inspired home of the kerchief-wearing frontman of iconic ‘80s hair band Poison, who’s long had a side hustle as a reality TV star, is a fairly understated study of earthy desert inspired tans and beiges, all 7,400-and-some square feet of it. Should Michaels get anywhere near his nearly $3.3 million asking price, it would tally up to a tidy profit; he picked the place up in 2016 for just over $2.2 million. READ THE FULL STORY AT

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